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Goldsoundmusic Martin Werner

Vita – Martin Werner

since 2013 sounddesigner for Propellerhead
2013 producer of Double Crush Syndrom, album: Double Crush Syndrom
2012 producer of Dominique Ventura
since 2012 studio drummer for producer Henning Gehrke
since 2011 sounddesigner for Kemper Amp and 2Box
since 2010 composer and drummer of the drumopera Benjamin with Frank Felicetti
since 2010 drummer with Goldplay-Live
2009 – 2011 producer and composer of M.E.L.
2008 move of music studio and renaming in Goldsoundmusic
2008 initiator of the interactive drumpattern DVD Real Acoustic Drumgrooves
2004 – 2007 drummer, composer & producer with Goldhouse, album: Goldhouse
studio drummer for the band project Fly, album: Fly
2003 drummer and producer with Hartmann, album: Feine Herren
2002 producer and composer of Keezee and Kirk Bondin
2001 producer of Kleinkrieg, album: Säure
2000 producer and composer of Bwalya
1999 – 2001 for several broadcast campaigns for the Douglas Holding
1998 formation of the music studio and music publisher Soundfabrik in Hagen
1994 – 1997 drummer and producer with Backfire
1994 drummer with Jan Schaberg, album: Zauber & Zunder
1992 – 1994 studio drummer for Wolfgang Stach and Siggi Bemm
1992 tour drummer with Reds and X-Ride with Axel Ritt
1991 – 1993 drummer with Roaring Cry, album: 2Wild4U
1989 tour drummer with Mona Liza Overdrive with Stefan Kleinkrieg
1986 – 1991 drummer with Sign, producers Nils Selzer & Helmut Rüssmann, albums: Sign, Sign II, Compositions Of Experience
1986 – 1987 studying drums with Peter Giger in Frankfurt
1985 drummer with Bullet, producer Dieter Dierks, album: Ruff Cuts
1984 first professional experience with Alex Parche Band/Zeltinger
1983 drummer with Gerd Klöcker (Wallenstein)
1982 drummer with Nightingale
1980 first drumlessons in Krefeld